Marketing Your Real Estate Company Online: Effective Blog Ideas

May 3, 2019

Blogging is a major component of building an online presence. Any company or small business owner or individual trying to make a name for themselves can see a major boost in following and awareness with originally written and published online content. Blogging is a free way to market your company and get the word out about your services. Once your blog post reaches the top of Google, it stays there and offers free marketing for years to come.

However, it’s not that simple and creating an ordinary real estate blog post will not push your real estate firm to the top of the heap. Content is king and with so many different real estate companies out there trying to make a landing spot for themselves in the world of digital marketing there has to be a curated approach to developing blog posts. Here are some blog ideas that are simple, tried and true, and effective.

Answer Popular Real Estate Questions

It doesn’t hurt to start off with a simple, no-hassle post that hits on some of the major questions people may have about real estate. A simple FAQ (frequently asked questions) post can help to shed some light on the confusion that some people may have and get to the point of the matter at hand. When you create a real estate blog post on such questions that people ask, you will target their curiosity more and this will open up the door to selling. Form house flipping to investment to foreclosures, this kind of post is a surefire way to create a discussion.

Create Checklists

Checklist posts, or listicles, are fun ways in which to engage the reader because these posts are easy to read and easy to use. It’s kind of like a grocery list, but for homes. This kind of real estate blog post ideas is easy to create and subs in for longer, more drawn-out posts that need a lot of content. You can easily create checklists on different ideas like buyer checklists, moving, home renovation, or listing a home.

Mortgage Rates and Other Changing Items

One idea that will have visitors coming back is writing content that highlights changing themes in the real estate world. Trends in real estate always evolved, so allowing readers to come back to your site and pick up information will be an easy way to stay connected with them. You can write weekly blog posts containing important and useful information like mortgage updates, recent sales or market metrics. Posts can be targeted at home buyers, investors and those looking to relocate.

The Neighborhood Appeal

Another great idea that connects readers with potential buys is writing about their potential surroundings. Creating content about their possible immediate neighborhood is a great way to help generate traffic and leads. Through long tail keyword research, such as “bungalow houses in Pasadena,” home buyers are able to pinpoint what they’re looking for and get the information they need much quicker. Create posts centered around the community, the market, and the homes to give a more personable outline of what to expect.

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