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At ALIA we do things a little differently. We know running a professional service firm is stressful enough without the added stress of insurance. You just want to sleep easily knowing you are protected in the event things happen, like an accident, fire, burglary, data breach, employee dispute. . .or an unreasonable client that just wants to “sue everyone”. You want to get the right insurance to fit your risks so you can feel good and safe. And you want it to be painless. That’s exactly what you’ll get with us.

Make life less hard and tap into our 20-plus years of experience in helping thousands of licensed professionals get coverage specifically design for the real estate, design and legal professions – simply and hassle-free.

ALIA: The One Stop for Professional Services Insurance

Covering the hard part – your professional services.

You work hard to meet your clients’ needs, but things sometimes go south and you find yourself defending your work and reputation. Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance can step in to cover claims involving mistakes and oversights in services provided that result in economic loss to a client. It could also pay for defense costs – even if the claim is bogus – and for any settlements or awards.

From slips and falls to a lot more.

The “no ifs, ands or buts” coverage, General Liability insurance is the foundation of any insurance program.  Professional service firms might need it to cover clients visiting their offices. A General Liability policy can pay for your defense costs, including court costs, witness fees, and attorney fees, as well as judgments and settlements. General Liability (along with E&O) are the most common coverages required to be shown on a Certificate of Insurance.

Protect the roof over your head and what’s in it.

If you own the building you’re in, Business Property insurance protects both the physical building and your property inside should a fire or natural disaster cause damage. Your policy can be designed to include replacement cost on your property, loss of income, and even coverage to meet current building codes (think of an older building and what it would take if you needed to rebuild to code) and inflation costs.  If you lease your space, you also need Property coverage to step in to help get you back up and running if your furniture, equipment – including valuable computers – and supplies are damaged.

Swipe right for cyber protection.

Turn on your computer and the threat of cyber attacks looms. From financial theft and wire transfer fraud, to a data breach involving personal client information, and business disruption through malware and ransomware, the risks and resulting costs can be significant. Cyber insurance helps you mitigate these risks with coverage to help pay for the costs to find out what happened and how, get you back up and running, notify clients of any breach, provide crisis management and PR support, kick in for business interruption losses, and pay for third-party damages.

“Work from home” insurance if something goes wrong.

It’s great having the flexibility to work from home – you get to set your hours and be there when the family needs you. With this set-up come risks like potential damage or theft to your business equipment, office furniture and valuable papers, injuries to visiting clients or vendors, employee accidents, and professional liability exposures related to the real-estate work and services you provide. Your homeowners insurance is not designed to provide coverage for an at-home business. Look into buying home-based business insurance that includes General Liability and Property coverage as well as Errors & Omissions. If you have employees, you’ll also need Workers’ Comp insurance.

The bond (not James) you need when you need it.

Specific bonds are required to conduct business in the real estate industry. Mortgage lenders, brokers, servicers and loan originators in most states are required to purchase a surety bond before they can be legally licensed. A realestate broker needs a bond to guarantee the money and property turned over to an agent and/or broker in a real estate transaction are accurately accounted for.  Appraisal management companies are required to post surety bonds as part of the licensing process. In all cases, requirements vary by state, as do rates. A partner with access to bond insurers makes the entire process go smoothly.

Protection in the age of #metoo.

The unending headlines on sexual harassment in the workplace have put the focus on the need for a cultural change and for stronger businesses practices. Along with harassment allegations, claims of discrimination (race, gender, age, disability), wrongful termination, and retaliatory termination top the list of employment practices disputes that can land an employer in court. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides broad coverage for alleged “wrongful employment practices,” “employment claims,” or similar catchall terms. It works to provide the necessary resources to defend a company against a lawsuit or to pay for a claim.

For work’s “oh no” accidents.

Having Workers Comp is a must-have operational expense when you have employees. It pays for lost wages (up to a certain amount), medical bills, and recovery costs for employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Medical bills can include the cost of doctors’ visits, hospital bills, prescriptions, and prosthetic devices.If an employee dies, it will cover funeral costs and benefits to the worker’s family.

Get peak performance out of your coverage.

Whether you have a fleet of company-owned cars or your employees use their own personal vehicles to showcase properties and visit clients, you need coverage while behind the wheel. For company cars, a Commercial Auto policy will work similarly to your own personal insurance. You can buy a policy to cover injuries to others, property damage to other vehicles, and damage to your owned cars. For personal or leased cars used for business, Hired & Non-Owned insurance steps in to pay for medical bills, damaged property, and auto repairs if there is an accident.