4 Strategies to Make Your Real Estate Business More Efficient as You Head Into Busy Summer Season

May 17, 2019

Real estate professionals have to be ready for any sudden change in their market and be able to deal with risk and change when working with clients. But while being able to transition at a moment’s notice is a good trait to have in the industry, it also helps to have a healthy dose of consistency coursing through your veins, like being able to predict busier times of the year for transactions.

Summer months see the most action in terms of real estate transactions as 40 percent of the year’s annual sales volume takes place between May and August. With this in mind, it helps to have a plan in place to step into the warmer months with efficiency on the mind. Here are some strategies that real estate professionals can use to be more efficient heading into the summer selling season.

1. Streamlining and Automating

Thanks to online banking, online calendar reminders, and digital connectivity, we can now automate practically all parts of our lives. From making regularly scheduled payments to sending out automated greetings, real estate agents and brokers can take advantage of this technology to help cut down on skipping over anything.

Before the summer season hits, a time of year when you’ll be on your phone and computer more than ever, it would help to get these automated messages and payments set up so you can check those off your to-do list. This can also help with your social media presence as you can schedule your posts out for months at a time, which helps for evergreen marketing opportunities.

2. Make Sure Insurance is Lined Up

Just like a teen driver about to set out on the open road, having insurance in place before the busy season starts should be a high priority. If you already have real estate insurance, look for any updates to your policy you may need to better prepare yourself for any liabilities. If you’re on the hunt for new real estate professionals insurance, make sure you find one that can protect your name and business from claims related to misleading information. You’re going to be moving around, working with multiple clients this summer, so having one less thing to worry about should take some much-needed stress off.

3. Look for Help

As a real estate pro, you work hard to get the results you want. But asking for some helping hands to make it through a busier schedule can help you go far. Make a list of what you need to prioritize this summer and see where you will need the most help, and which tasks you can delegate to seasonal employees. Hiring the help of freelancers to take care of social media, marketing, blogging, and online tasks can go a long way when you’re trying to focus on market research, sales, showings, and staying in touch with clients.

4. Stay Connected and Plan Ahead

It’s important to stay in touch with your contacts during the summer to keep your business growing and networking efforts strong. Think of ways you can stay in contact with your clients and see if they have an open opportunity to meet and discuss possible future needs in the market. Also, take time to plan ahead for the season and the rest of the year down to the smallest detail. Create plans and processes to handle even the smallest tasks you feel aren’t as important as others. Is your contact list refreshed? Do you have all the supplies you need? What about your website–could it use a touch-up? See where you can get some late spring cleaning done now.

Before your phone starts ringing and emails start pouring in, get a step ahead by evaluating the effectiveness of your current business efforts. Consider measuring the effectiveness of things like ads, emails, and other online communications and see what you need to update for maximize potential.

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