Important Tips for Appraiser Safety

July 17, 2020

For real estate appraisers out in the field, there are several safety issues they face. From feeling uneasy when entering a vacant property to dealing with vicious animals or having to manage unruly homeowners, appraisers are stepping into the unknown with every project, heightening the need for appraiser safety tactics.

Appraisers understand that personal safety is a major concern on the job. Site safety problems can come at any moment, and the outcome can depend on appraiser’s preparedness. With the right precautions, however, real estate appraiser injuries can be mitigated and appraiser safety can be


Here are some Real estate appraisal safety tips to keep professionals safe.

How can appraisers stay safe?

  • High Crime Neighborhoods: When going to high crime locations, appraisers should try to schedule appointments earlier, ideally before noon. It’s important to make eye contact with others in the area and keep an eye on their surroundings. When going to an area that may look like it poses a threat, the appraiser should text a coworker or friend with the address of the home, what time the appraisal is expected to start, and when it will be finished. Once completed, the appraiser should let his or her colleague know they are headed back. This level of checking in and accountability can alert the business owner or colleagues of potential concern.
  • Vacant Properties: It’s recommended that appraisers knock on the door of a vacant home and announce clearly and loudly that they are onsite, even if it is supposed to be unoccupied. Appraisers should begin the inspection outside of the home, making a note of any open or broken doors or windows. All entries on the outside should be checked to see if they are locked. Appraisers should also be sure to carry their phones with them at all times in case of an emergency. If doors or windows are damaged on the property, appraisers should call in these damages if they present an opportunity for unauthorized access. When inside the home alone, appraisers should lock the doors while inspecting it as attacks on real estate professionals have been known to occur.
  • Exterior Inspection Issues: Real estate appraisers should focus on each room of the house individually. They should ensure a clear path is ahead so they don’t trip over anything. If they are inspecting the outside of the home with an inground pool, it’s important to keep a distance not potentially to fall in.
  • Dogs and Animals on Property: If a homeowner has a vicious dog or other animal trained to be combative, appraisers can try keeping their distance band ask the homeowner to keep the animal in a different part of the house. Appraisers should always remind homeowners to keep animals at a safe distance rather than roaming free, regardless of the owner being present or not.

Appraiser safety isn’t complicated, it just requires some forethought and awareness. By taking these steps, appraisers can protect themselves and their bottom lines.

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