What Clients Expect from Real Estate Agents Today

November 15, 2019

Home buying and selling have continued to evolve in the digital age, seeing a major transformation from previous decades with the help of social media, SEO, virtual reality and a push for working with tech-savvy real estate agents. Buyers and sellers have a ton of options and resources ready and waiting for them and the opportunity to look for a home has become more of a freelance situation for empowered buyers and sellers.

People want and expect more from their tech devices as well as from the services available to them in real estate. Getting the attention of buyers and sellers in today’s market is just the first challenge for real estate agents now.

Here’s a look at what clients expect from their real estate agents today.


It might be normal to think that sellers are just wanting to get rid of their home as quick as they can and get the highest dollar amount possible. But it’s also true that sellers are wanting a more hands-off approach to selling and working with real estate agents. They may use an agent for reference and help with marketing.

Sellers may be more apt to negotiate commissions and go with a lower cost with the same marketing options. However, newer online ads and websites are helping to create and form misconceptions around this area for consumers, such as being able to sell within two days and way above asking price. This is a rough goal, so it’s important that real estate agents keep their client’s hopes reasonable and guided.

Buyers’ Requirements

First-time buyers may need more guidance in the process of buying a home, especially when it comes to things like the interpretation of documents, transactions, and decision-making. If you’re representing buyers in other areas or property types, they will more than likely rely on an agent’s experience and knowledge of the local market.

For investors, they usually already have a good deal of market knowledge stored away. What they look for in an agent is an aggressive approach to finding a good investment with long-term payouts and negotiating skills to help them with the pricing. What they want is a real estate professional who can keep a sharp eye on what they may have missed before a mistake is made.

More Accessibility and Tech Options

It’s safe to say that consumers, whether they’re buyers or sellers, are looking to connect with real estate agents who are communicative and forward-thinking in their services. Being able to communicate freely and inform the client about move sin the market or anything that may affect their deal is highly important.

The same can be said for an agent’s push for tech-related options. From social media to augmented reality, technology has reshaped the way people buy, sell, research, and experience the entire process. It’s important for real estate agents to invest in a more user-friendly and mobile website that offers a unique experience for users looking to get the info they need in a streamlined and attractive presentation.

Social media also plays a role in a real estate agent’s marketing and business operations, helping to promote their services and properties. This also helps with connecting with clients and potential clients, creating helpful boosts of connectivity with people.

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