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Your business plays a vital role in the real estate industry. Because of this, home inspectors need business insurance to protect their assets. The ALIA Team (part of the Riverton Insurance Agency Corporation) is one of the largest agents in the country working with over 1,000 home inspectors nationwide. We’re able to benchmark our insurance solutions against people just like you.

With just one call, you’ll speak with an experienced agent who will assist you in analyzing your business coverage, as well as protection for your family and customized online educational materials. Learn more about our 3-step checkup process.

With the ALIA Team, you’ll know you are getting the right commercial policies to insure your ever-changing business – but also the specialized personal lines policies needed to protect yourself and your family as a business owner. Risks lurk over the horizon and we at ALIA can help to safeguard against them. If you just need a simple special event policy for an industry show, require added protection for your auto and home, or want solid business insurance and business advice in one place, we can do it.

Why do Home Inspectors Need Insurance?

Home inspectors perform a critical and valuable service in the real estate industry. They make sure that homes are safe and up to code before sales. Many real estate transactions cannot go forward without the expertise of a home inspector. However, because the knowledge of a home inspector is so specific, the service performed by these professionals is often also the most misunderstood part of a real estate transaction.

The buyer, seller, listing broker/agent, selling broker/agent, lender, and even the appraiser may all review and critique the home inspection report for different reasons. Through no fault of the home inspector, this can often result in the inspection report being singled out as the sole reason a transaction did not close. For that reason, claims against home inspectors tend to be very complicated and costly.

As you know, there are a lot of people involved in real estate transactions, all with different priorities. With so many participating parties, having “too many cooks in the kitchen” oftentimes results in many people looking over the shoulder of the home inspector, and questioning his or her services.
Often there is also confusion caused by the lack of consistency in state licensing and regulation within the home inspection industry. What is required in one state will likely differ when compared to what is required by another. Due to these circumstances, whether you run a sole proprietorship or a multi-inspector firm, it is important that you and your business have the right coverage.

How We Work with You

Here on the ALIA Team, our goal is to save you time and offer custom solutions for your insurance program. We also aim to make the application process smooth and easy. Our agents know that no two businesses are alike, and believe that coverage should reflect this. We know that the job of an inspector is unique. Therefore, we appreciate that a nuanced understanding of all the hard work you do is required when determining coverage.

The ALIA Team is part of the Riverton Insurance Agency Corporation, an independent agency with access to many insurance companies. Our agents have worked with inspectors for over 20 years bringing you an in-depth understanding of the field. Through our specialized expertise, we hope to give you the peace of mind that comes with quality business protection.

How to Get Started – It’s Simple

You choose how you want to get in contact with us:
• Call us at 800-882-4410
• If you’d like us to contact you when it’s convenient for you, tell us a little bit about you and your business.
• If you’re serious about getting a checkup on your business or personal insurance program, fill out our 10-point questionnaire. We’ll call you and give your business a customized evaluation.
• If you’re ready to get a quote, fill out the full questionnaire and we will let you know precisely how we can work with you to protect you and your business.

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Learn with Us

The pace of technology creates fantastic opportunities for those who want to learn and continue educating themselves. At Associations, we create customized online educational content from CE webinars to podcasts and white papers about marketing and operational advice and industry trends.

We aim to treat each firm as a unique client, recognizing that every home inspection company is different in their educational needs or desire for online resources. We’re here to help.


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