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The real estate industry relies on the extensive knowledge and expertise of an appraiser to provide an opinion of the value of a property. Your professional reputation depends on meeting the expectations of a variety of parties to a real estate transaction relying on your opinion to transact a deal. Because of this, home appraisers need business insurance to protect their assets. As one of the largest agents countrywide, insuring over 3,000 appraisers, the ALIA Team (part of the Riverton Insurance Agency Corporation) is able to benchmark its insurance solutions against professionals just like you.

As your real-time personal assistant, one of our experienced agents will help you analyze your business coverage, as well as protection for your family and customized online educational materials. Learn more about our 3-step checkup process.

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With the ALIA team, you’ll know you are getting the right commercial policies to insure your ever-changing business – but also the specialized personal lines policies needed to protect yourself and your family as a business owner. There are risks and rewards of being a licensed professional; let us help you safeguard against those risks so you can keep the rewards. If you just need a simple special event policy for a tradeshow, require added protection for your auto and home, or want sound business insurance and business advice in one place, we can do it.

Why do Real Estate Appraisers Need Insurance?

Working as a real estate appraiser requires knowledge and understanding of the industry. In order to be able to adequately provide an opinion of the value of real property, the appraiser must be able to do so in an unbiased, objective manner. This opinion has a significant impact on the parties associated with the property whether it be someone interested in buying it, selling it, managing it, investing in it, or even lending money on the security of the real estate. For these reasons, your professional opinion comes under a great deal of pressure and scrutiny. Considering these factors, while also understanding how vulnerable the real estate appraisal industry is to outside changes, help make it clear the amount of liability that is associated with this profession.

In recent years, real estate appraisers have seen a whirlwind of changes to their profession, many of which came about after the collapse of the subprime mortgage market in 2007-08. This collapse created an almost completely new system of checks and balances for lenders as well as fundamentally reformed the way in which many real estate appraisers now function. The result was increased claims and lawsuits involving appraisers as lenders, borrowers, and even the agencies who were impacted, looked to the appraiser as a source of funds to re-coup their losses.

The economy has stabilized in recent years, and real estate values have largely recovered since the collapse, however the liability risk and exposure associated with being an appraiser remains high. Real estate appraisers need the advice of a reliable insurance agent, specializing in the real estate industry, to find them solutions for their business and personal insurance coverage.

How the ALIA Team Works with You

Your time is valuable, and here on the ALIA Team, we understand that. We strive to make the application process smooth and easy. Our agents know that no two businesses are alike, and believe that coverage should reflect this. We know that the job of a home appraiser is unique. Therefore, we appreciate that a nuanced understanding of all the hard work you do is required when determining coverage.

The ALIA Team is part of the Riverton Insurance Agency Corporation, an independent agency with access to many insurance companies. Our agents have worked with real estate appraisers for over 20 years bringing you an in-depth understanding of the field. Through our specialized expertise, we hope to give you the peace of mind that comes with quality business protection.

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Learn with ALIA

The pace of technology creates fantastic opportunities for those who want to learn and continue educating themselves. On the ALIA Team, we create customized online educational content from CE webinars to podcasts and white papers about marketing and operational advice and industry trends.

We aim to treat each firm as a unique client, recognizing that every real estate appraiser is different in their educational needs or desire for online resources. We’re here to help.

The ALIA Team is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate courses.  Click here to view continuing education courses specifically for real estate appraisers.


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